Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Strategies for a Stress-free Life by G. Gaynor McTigue

Stress-Free Living

This weekend, I came across a preview of this seemingly good book.

It is titled 'Why Make Yourself Crazy: 400 Strategies for a Stress-free Life' by by G. Gaynor McTigue, the author of 'Life's Little Frustration Book'.


Book Highlights

1. Do One thing at a time

2. Throw something out every day

3. Cut down on competitive stress

4. Eliminate excessive and superfluous activities

5. Put affection back into your relationship

6. Never be embarrassed at having to scale back

7. One sport per child per season

8. Don't let Unhealthy job stress persist

9. Avoid eating as a response to stress

10. Don't fall victiom to a chronic talker

Online Resources

Read the preview online on Scribd. Or download a free book preview (PDF 1.03MB).

Learn, share and have a stress-free life.


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