Monday, August 1, 2011

CAMPUS: Memories and Life Lessons

This Walkabout post appears as a guest post on the ever interesting Tales from Graduate School by SavvyKenya.

Campus Memoirs

Savvy is more than an awesome tweep, she invariably reminds me of a place where I spent slightly over five years [thanks to a lecturers' strike during our sunset days]. A place where I got much more than a Bachelor's degree. A place that ultimately got me ready for whatever life throws my way.

I remember the good old days when some guys, suddenly overwhelmed by unfettered college freedom, would spend vast amounts of time getting drunk, getting healthy [taking drugs] and getting laid... but would still work hard and pass exams.

Six, Sex

I first experienced a University students strike barely a month after joining campus.................

Now go right ahead and read the entire post on SavvyKenya's blog.


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