Thursday, January 26, 2012

Healthy Eating and Longevity

The Walkabout is a journey of insight, inspiration and self discovery.
Part of self discovery revolves around finding ways to better our lives, especially our physical well-being.

That said, a natural consequence of a healthy life is longevity. Everyone wants to live a long, healthy and fulfilling life. But nobody wants to live forever.

It turns out, there is a way, over and beyond genetic predisposition, that one can live for a very long time. In the following TED Talk by Dan Buettner, he explains that certain lifestyles dramatically affect the health, and consequently number of years, that those who live them have on earth.


Dan Buettner on How to Live to be 100+

Watching what We Eat

Another variant to health is diet. We are what we eat. How often we eat, what we eat and whatever we do thereafter heavily bears on how we turn out eventually.

In the following TED Talk, Mark Bittman looks at our unhealthy eating habits and the unhealthy foods we eat, some of which have been found to increase the risk of cancer and other serious ailments.

Mark Bittman asks, What's Wrong with What We Eat?

Cheers to a fulfilling weekend. Now, will you drink to that?


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