Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Science of Willpower

I have in recent weeks listened several times, to the following podcast:

It was a most interesting debate about willpower, habits, behavior change, self control, achieving set goals and more. In addition to listening above, you can download the audio (MP3, 24MB) here.

Following are some of the highlights in The Science of Willpower podcast:

12 Ways to Improve Your Willpower and Achieve Your Goals
  • Reflect on What's Important to You
  • Focus on One Resolution at a Time
  • Start Your Day Thinking About Your Big Picture Goals
  • Move From Habit to Conscious Action
  • Embrace Rewards, Eschew Punishment
  • Practice Your Willpower Muscle
  • Stop the Negative Self Talk
  • Lose the Time Expectations
  • Try Meditating
  • Take Your Whole Self, Cravings and All, Along for the Ride
  • Delay Gratification, If Only for 15 Minutes
  • Believe That Change is Possible
Read the above highlights in detail and check out comments on the program's web page on the KQED site.

As January 2014 comes to a close in just over a week's time, I hope the above will help in enhancing your self control, dispensing with entrenched habits and ultimately, achieving your goals.


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