Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Don't Ever Give Up. Ever

Listening to what we Hear

I have always loved music. I therefore amassed a very impressive music collection. And pimped my sound system. All done, I kept rocking and nodding my head. I thought I had it all.

But that was not all. Far from it.

A few years back, I started listening to the words. Over and beyond just hearing them.

I came to realize there was much more in music than the awesome beats and creative rhyming. There is invaluable wisdom in music.

Eagle Eye Cherry

Words that Rock!
My favorite genre is Rock. And I have come to realize that if you listen really well, there is much to learn in almost all kinds of music.

Eagle Eye Cherry is a personal favorite. I first listened to his 'Are You Still Having Fun' and 'Save Tonight' singles. Great tracks.

From his 'Sub Rosa' album, following are the lyrics to Don't Give Up. Be edified:

By Eagle Eye Cherry

All our dreams are gone
With a loss of faith
We're still hanging on
For another day
It's so hard to see
That it's going to get better
And when will that be
It's hard to say

We must believe
That if we give we will receive
Yes we must believe
That it's going to get better

Don't give up
Never give up
We won't stop giving
Giving all we got

Now we're breaking away
From what holds us down
This could be the day
That brings out the light
Now we're marching on
With the will of never giving up
This time we'll have won
With out a fight

We must believe…

Don't give up
Never give up
We won't stop
Giving all we got

Forgive and forget don't hold on to the bitterness
Filled with regrets we don't wanna go there again
The glass is half full so lets get it on with togetherness
And our number will grow we will prevail in the end

Never Give Up!

So, if you ever feel like giving up, just remember the above.

Let us all learn, share and develop.


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