Thursday, March 12, 2009

Drained: Stories of People Who Wanted More

"Words are things,
and a small drop of ink
Falling like dew upon a thought
Produces that which makes thousands,
Perhaps millions, think."

Free Awareness

Carlos Castaneda, a renowned American anthropologist said that "once awareness is free, intent will redirect it to new revolutionary paths". That is what Peter's Walkabout is predicated on, the fact that a closer look at life invariably reveals the bigger picture...

Books have a way of making us take that look. Good books take us to places we never dreamt possible, make us see ourselves in a totally new and different light. These are books worth reading. These are books worth sharing.

Every once in a while, Peter's Walkabout will highlight such a book, and provide a download link wherever possible.

Drained: Stories of People Who Wanted More

This book by Johanne Christoph Arnold is a collection of stories about people who faced seemingly insurmountable odds and emerged victorious.

All this was possible thanks to a longing deep within each one of us, that seeks to realize the best in us and to always make things better.

This book is NOT a cure-all remedy to life's problems, all it offers are stepping stones to a fulfilled life.

Get your copy of  Drained: Stories of People Who Wanted More here.

Let's learn, share and advance.


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