Thursday, April 30, 2009

Learning, Sharing, Innovation, Collaboration and The AmateurProfessional: Charles Leadbeater's TED Talk

A friend recently asked me why and how I am especially passionate about my work (web/graphic design and creative writing). Another one complimented me on my profound Facebook and Twitter updates, and made an informed guess that I must be a dude who reads a lot. Which is true.

Earlier today, I was watching Charles Leadbeater's TED talk. Quite interesting and edifying  I must say, even though it was filmed four years ago. More importantly, this talk gave me the perfect content to wind up April's posts on Peter's Walkabout. Be edified:

Watch the talk, read reviews and comments and download the video on the TED web site.

In the above talk, Charles Leadbeater underscores a truth that many corporations and organizations are yet to embrace: the passionate and innovative amateur professional... accepting that you don't need a big organization to be organized.

The same message was delivered more recently by Jacek Utko in his TED Talk about good design. Jacek said,
you can live in a small poor country, you can work for a small company, in a boring branch, you can have no budgets, no people, but still you can put your work to the highest possible level. And everybody can do it. You just need inspiration, vision and determination. And you need to remember that to be good, is not enough.

Let us learn, share and realize that all one needs to put their work to the highest possible level is inspiration, vision and determination.

And the fact that everybody can do it. If only they can engage their talents, practise doing what they love and love their work.


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