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Screw It. Let's Do It: Lessons in Life and Business by Sir Richard Branson

Sir Richard Branson
Besides Apple Inc CEO Steve Jobs, Richard Branson is one of those individuals I hold in very high regard. The Virgin Group Chairman is a maverick, a legend and a genius. His avant-garde way of doing things is world-renown, and it has won him as much respect as it has put him in personal danger.

Watching Richard Branson at TED, you realize he is one of those people who had humble beginnings, but rose to prominence through hard work, determination and discipline. His self belief has propelled him in life, in business and in those dare-devil stunts he keeps pulling.


Richard Branson has a penchant for unconventional things. He is a natural round peg in a square hole. For instance, his book titles viz: 'Losing My Virginity', 'Business Stripped Bare' and 'Screw It. Let's Do It' further enhance his boldness in daring to think and be different.

Screw It. Let's Do It.
This is an easy to read book that simply offers lessons in life and in business.  It has received favorable reviews at Amazon and elsewhere. Following is a sample review:

It's quick, it's easy, it's not preachy, it's positive. It's packed full of good advice and examples from Richard Branson's own life. He calls them his "lessons in life". He also says, "A journey of a thousand miles starts with that first step" -- and he's right.
Reading this book, by the friendly genius that the media has dubbed a maverick in paradise, could be that first step to a positive and fulfilling life and perhaps a wealthy one. He says he can't tell people how to get rich fast and he doesn't have any secrets to success; all he has is "truths" and examples that worked for him and could work for you.
Making money isn't his first goal -- having fun and doing good are. But he says if you have fun, then the money will come -- and explains why he says it. Every chapter is filled with his philosophy, spelled out in a simple and direct way. Chapter headings like "Just Do It!" "Be Bold"; "Have Fun!"; "Challenge Yourself"; "Value Family and Friends" are useful guides for everyone to follow.
It's a great little book to read at odd moments. I read it all the way through in less than an hour, and instantly felt driven and motivated to get cracking with that project I've been putting off.
Everyone should read this book and every teenager should be given a copy. It could be resonsible for turning things around and producing a society of motivated go-getters.

Read another comprehensive review at the Financial Inspiration Cafe.

Book Highlights
Following are the chapter titles and key highlights in the book:

1. Just Do It

  • Believe it can be done

  • Have Goals

  • Live life to the full

  • Never Give Up

  • Prepare Well

  • Have Faith in Yourself

  • Help Each other

2. Have Fun

  • Have fun, work hard and money will come

  • Don't waste time - grab your chances

  • Have a positive outlook on life

  • When it's not fun, move on

3. Be Bold

  • Calculate the risks and take them

  • Believe in yourself

  • Chase your dreams and goals

  • Have no regrets

  • Be bold

  • Keep your word

4. Challenge yourself

  • Aim high

  • Try new things

  • Always try

  • Challenge yourself

5. Stand on your own feet

  • Rely on yourself

  • Chase your dreams, but live in the real world

  • Work Together

6. Live the Moment

  • Love life and live it to the full

  • Enjoy the moment

  • Reflect on your life

  • Make every second count

  • Don't have Regrets

7. Value Family and Friends

  • Put the family and the team first

  • Be loyal

  • Face problems head on

  • Money is for making things happen

  • Pick the right people and reward talent

8. Have Respect

  • Be polite and Respectful

  • Do the Right thing

  • Keep your good name

  • Be fair in all your dealings

9. Do some good

  • Change the world, even if in a small way

  • Make a difference and help others

  • Do no harm

  • Always think of what you can do to help

Bottom Line
This book is highly recommended. I have started reading it, and like both the content therein and its presentation.

In the epilogue, Richard Branson sums up by saying the following:
I have always lived my life by thriving on chances and adventure. The motive that drives me has always been to set myself challenges and try to achieve them. Every lesson I have learned has been as a direct result of these tests.

In closing, the book simply reverts to its title - the fact that it all boils down to doing.
All the things in this book are my lessons and my goals in life, the things I believe in. But they are not unique to me. Everyone needs to keep learning. Everyone needs goals. Each and every one of my lessons can be applied to all of us. Whatever we want to be, whatever we want to do, we can do it. Go ahead. Take that first step - just do it.

That's it people. Richard Branson has said it all, and said it really well.

Let us learn, share and actually get to do the needful. Screw It. Let's Do It!


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