Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Laugh is Worth a Hundred Groans in Any Market - Lighten Up!

Many years ago when I was in High School, all was not well. I had quite many problems and was nearly depressed. I'll spare you the poignant details, let's just say it was really bad at the time.

But then I shared. And a friend wrote me the note below, that did wonders and totally changed the way I handle most things in life.
I now know this "Lighten Up" note word for word, and it always works in my life. Hope you find it useful.

R U Still Down? Well, Lighten Up.


As we become honest with ourselves, we can begin to see that we take most things in life too seriously. We view our jobs, our status, our possessions large and small - even life's little mishaps with far more seriousness than they deserve. The heart of the matter, of course, is that we tend to take ourselves too seriously.

While it's true many things need our serious attention, that doesn't mean we have to go about straight-faced and tight-lipped in all areas of our lives. When we are excessively concerned, we limit our ability to have fun, to be relaxed and happy - in short, enjoy life.

If we find ourselves taking everything too seriously - if we see that we're trying to manage things beyond our control - it's time we reorder our priorities asking ourselves, "What is really important?"

Perhaps then we can remember that we have a choice to either burden ourselves by viewing everything as 'serious' and therefore, probably negative, or to strive for a positive outlook, with the goal of enjoying life a day at a time as it unfolds.

Lighten Up!

This is for you who is going through a hard time. At a time when the outcome of some predicaments is most in doubt, it pays to lighten up, praying and hoping that all goes well. Because it almost invariably ends well.

Learn, share, and have that smile on your face. Lighten Up!


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