Monday, August 16, 2010

A Long Term Approach in Life

Begin with the End in Mind

The Second Habit

Stephen Covey's Second Habit states:
Begin with the End in Mind

The above short statement underscores the importance of having goals in whatever we engage in. It's interesting that the word goals becomes relevant largely when talking about careers, and other big projects in life. I however want to make the case for having goals, and taking a long term approach in many of our decisions.

Envisioning how things will be years from now is indeed a noble thing.

Relationships and Fellowship

It has been documented that over and above work, it is those who we relate with that end up having a profound impact in our lives. Late last year, I was discussing with a friend, about the importance of actually purposing to become someone's friend.

This may not seem like something worth thinking about. It however becomes increasing clear that we need to be ready and willing to make the friendships work, largely by giving sans expecting payback for our benevolence.

Planting Trees...

Well, it is not Green Kenya stuff I'm getting into here.

A few weeks ago, some friends asked me to prune some trees outside my house and sell them the branches for firewood. I declined. My reasons were rather simple - 1) the trees in question will be needed for other uses several years from now and 2) I do not have replacements right now, whatever trees I have recently planted are too young. One of them reminded me that I may not live long enough to use those trees if I keep on saying such stuff.

All this got me thinking, "Do we only live for the here and now, with no regard for the future?" Furthermore, must our future be assured so that we can do good things that might outlive us?

I was reminded of a favorite wise saying that the essence of a life well lived is planting trees under whose shade we do not intend to sit.

The Challenge

The onus is therefore upon us to do things that will not only benefit us, by taking a long term approach to life.

What say you?


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