Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Heightened Awareness and Consciousness

This short post owes its credence in part, to the lifestyle I have lately adopted in a while trying to go green complitly.

The Green life is predicated on ethical utilization and management of natural resources, use of renewable energy, recycling, eating local and healthy foods, sticking to a healthy lifestyle among others.

After effecting far reaching changes in the way I live, I started observing changes that I am very happy about.
Part of these changes is improved response to stimuli, and sharper senses. Since I no longer consume sugar or excessive salt in my food, I noticed that my taste buds greatly improved.
So did my eyesight, hearing, sense of touch and most mportantly, the sense of smell.

Just the other day, I'd gone to visit my parents. While there, I asked my mom if she was cooking arrowroots.
Well, she wqas pleasantly surprised and asked me how I was able to smell a very small piece of arrowroot from a previous meal.
I simply confirmed that my sense of smell, and overall well being has improved significantly of late.

In a somewhat related experience, I remember watching the movie 'Next' starring Nicholas Cage. In the film, Cris Johnson (Nicholas Cage) is able to see into his future, albeit only two minutes ahead.

Well, I am in no way able to see into the future, but I surely acknowledge the new heightened sense of awareness that I now have.

All this is indicative of enhanced wellbeing when one embraces an all round healthy lifestyle. The results are are truly awesome! This has led me to a higher consciousness.


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