Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Essence of Struggle

Not all alegends are about vicory,
Some legends are born out of struggle
- Harry 'Red' Newman [Legendary]

Cluck, cluck
On both Saturday, 30th April and Sunday, 1st May 2011, I had the opportunity to watch a number of chicks hatch at my place.
Admittedly, this wasn't my first time to witness the first day of a chicken's life. It however struck me that we can learn a thing or two from chicken, besides appropriating their eggs and meat.

For 21 days, I had watched one of my hens sit on the eggs. It simply stared, and rarely moved or ate. It patiently incubated the eggs, waiting for the day the chicks would hatch.
That eventually happened on May 01.

Back to the hatching chicks, I noticed that they first crack the egg shell with their beaks. I assume this enables the chick to take in oxygen from outside and around the egg. Refreshed and somewhat strengthened, the chick now starts kicking with its legs. Ultimately, this kicking is what cracks open the egg for the chick to emerge and say hello to the real world.

Interestingly, the mother hen does not interfere in this process at all. It takes no part in opening up the eggs, inasmuch as the chicks begin calling out while still within the egg. All the hen does is keep cluck, perhaps assuring them that it is well outside the egg.

To me, this initial struggle the chicks have to successfully endure is what makes them able to live once they exit the egg. It is their first test in a world that only favors the strong. In my case, two chicks which were fully formed but inadequately warmed up died during this struggle.

A few days ago, I watched Legendary, the 2010 WWE movie starring John Cena, Patricia Clarkson, Danny Glover and Devon Graye. It is the story of Cal Chetley, a young class nerd who confidently stands up to bullies, seeks the help of his emotionally distant brother in becoming a better wrestler, and finally brings his family together.

It is worth noting that Cal didn't win in the final match, but his struggle finally paid off and earned him respect from the entire school community, including the bullies who previously picked on him.

Made Stronger
The thing with struggle, is that it makes us stronger. Coupled with purpose, struggling raises our hopes. It enhances our positive outlook. And sometimes, it makes us legends - even if it be only in our minds.

In closing, we take another look at what Harry Newman said about struggle:
Not all legends are about victory. Some are about struggle, finding out who you are and your reason for being.


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