Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Act Now. Let's Feed Fellow Kenyans

Transcending Religious, Ideological, and National difference 
When Karen Armstrong won the 2008 TED Prize, she made a wish: she sought help in creating, launching and propagating a Charter for Compassion.

Here's Karen at TED making her wish:

Following is the Charter for Compassion video on YouTube.

You can watch other TED videos on compassion here.

Beyond Compassion 
In view of the foregoing, it is incumbent upon us all to help fellow Kenyans who are dying of starvation.

At a time when the situation is already desperate for the unfortunate ones who have nothing to eat, we need to be more than compassionate. We need to act.
Thanks to the Kenya Red Cross, Ahmed Salim, and the rest of us who can at least spare a meal to feed another starving human being, we shall collectively save lives. Thereafter, we can tell these people about feeding themselves.

Following is Ahmed Salim's message, as published by Jacque on Wamathai's blog:

Jambo Kenya,

I woke up this morning with this guilt that we are ONE Nation and ONE people who would like to stand and speak ONE language of PEACE LOVE AND UNITY.

How can this happen when our own people in this country are suffering????

I do take up the initiative to have at least KENYANS ON TWITTER show their support and love by Sacrificing A Meal to help someone somewhere in this country.

My Target is to Have 10,000 KENYANS raise at least 250/= each and thus 2.5 Million shillings to FEED KENYA.

With the help of Kenya Red Cross - you can send your donations via MPESA

PAY BILL - 10,000


AMOUNT - (minimum 250/=)

AND you will have sacrificed a meal to Feed Kenya – Lets do this Kenya.

My Name is Ahmed Salim and I am A Kenyan @ahmedsalims

TUKO PAMOJA!!!! #SacrificeAMeal

You can now donate via Airtel Money, pay to nickname “REDCROSS” reference “FeedKE


Guys, let's do the needful. There is a reason why you and I are not the starving ones at this moment.
Join us and help feed our starving brothers and sisters with this #FeedKE initiative.

Thank you.


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