Friday, November 11, 2011

God's Mysterious Ways and Miracles

Earlier today, I went to say hello to my neighbor. She is an elderly lady, in her seventies. Her octogenarian husband recently passed on. Her name is Lucia, or Mama Kimani. The thing about her, besides being good-natured, is that she is remarkably hardworking.

As we talked on opposite sides of our farms' hedges, we both recalled how her right leg, that had grounded her for six months earlier this year, was recently miraculously cured. At the height of her pain, she could not leave her homestead, and had to painfully take a minimum of two breaks to cover a distance of just 100 metres.
Today, she walks for miles and moves around without a cane or any discomfort at all.

She remains eternally grateful to God, who miraculous healed her and cured that which doctors who handled the case often referred to as a mysterious disease with an elusive cause.

Mysterious Ways

Back in January 31, 2009, I wrote a Facebook Note titled "God Works in Mysterious Ways. And Miracles Do Happen."
It was singularly based on one of the tracks in the 'Prince of Peace' compilation gospel album featuring various celebrated artists. To date, it is my favorite gospel album.

'Prince of Peace' features great music by these accomplished artists: 4 Him, Carmen, Kim Hill, Kathy Troccoli, Carolyn Arends, Larnelle Harris, Michael W. Smith, Clay Crosse, Brent Bourgeois, Dallas Holm, Gary Chapman, Michael Card, Twila Paris, Glad, Kim Boyce, Wayne Watson and Wes King.

God Works in mysterious ways, no doubt. The song 'Mysterious Ways' by Kim Hill is an inspired and conscious reminder of that undeniable fact.
And a very relevant one, in view of what we keep witnessing in our lives.

Following are the lyrics to the song 'Mysterious Ways'.
Living in this game of chance

Driven by the wheels of circumstance

while at the hand of mercy

Balanced on a changing scale

How can life be strong and yet so frail

what is the deeper meaning?

In my feeble mind I try to find the reason

who knows why it's hard to say

God works in mysterious ways

Never show just what lies waiting round the corner

Feeling through this haunting maze

God works in mysterious ways

God works in mysterious ways

Knowing there's a greater plan

Believing still is hard to understand (I don't understand)

Uncertain things before me (I dont understand)

Dealing with the less I know

Learning that His ways are not my own

But still I keep believing

Making sense of consequences hard to fathom

Looking through this holy haze

God works in mysterious ways

Black and white could surely clear this clouded vision

But I live in a world of grace

God works in mysterious ways

God works in mysterious ways

Questions fall like showers of endless rain

Into oceans of the unexplained

Someday it all will be made known...

Freak Accident

A week ago, I was joined by my dear friend in a courtesy call for a most lovely, mutual friend, who is at home recuperating from injuries sustained during an accident that happened in early August, that saw her spend three months in a hospital bed.

Now at home, Lauryn Njoroge is still trying to understand how she survived such an accident, why it happened to her, and most important, acknowledging that it all happened for a reason.

She has emerged stronger at the broken places, and is now a changed person. A totally new person, to put it in her own words. Her story has already been documented in the current edition of Parents magazine. She is also currently putting into writing, all her experiences for the world to learn, be inspired and realize just how mysterious God's ways are. That miracles continue to happen each and every day.

This post is dedicated to Lauryn.
My dear, you continue to show remarkable strength and will power all through your recovery. Your best days are ahead of you.

I continue to wish you a speedy recovery, in the firm belief that you are headed for great things. It is in our weakness that we become strong. You are now almost ready for the awesome plans that God has for you and all those your life will continue to touch.

Cheers L.

Finally, should anyone reading this ever go through an immensely difficult time where you can only ask "Why?", just praise His Name. Thanks to the wonderful gift of time, you'll eventually find out the reason why.

The thing is, God works in mysterious ways. And miracles do happen. Period.
That is my story, and I'm sticking to it!


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