Monday, January 2, 2012

Believe and Persist in 2012

Howdy good people. It's 2012 already!

Well, we all know that God calls on us to shape an uncertain destiny. And that definitely happens assuming you are one of those who believe that your destiny is largely a function of purpose, not just fate.

That said, we are in a new year and this presents an opportune time for many beginnings. It is a time when people make resolutions, outline [often lofty] goals and generally seek to correct character defects.
When it comes to resolutions, we all have different ways of handling it. For those who have already started working on theirs, I urge you to be consistent even if you occasionally stumble.

My take on resolutions is somewhat in line with Jim Collins's. He writes that is is much better and more effective to tackle a to STOP DOING LIST.

Beyond resolutions, you'll need to transition form point A to B either within this year or get to achieve your stated goals before the year ends.
Else, it'll be necessary to make significant headway should yours be long-term goals.

That is where the power of your attitude and belief comes in. Check out the following video by Commissioned:

Yeah, there may be times when the entire world considers you a fool for believing the unbelievable and dreaming the impossible. Against all odds however, your dreams will become a reality.

But you gotta believe.

Best wishes in your endeavors in 2012. Major blessings!


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