Friday, June 1, 2012

The Second Take

This past week, I have been taking yet another look at the life and times of Steve Jobs, whose enduring insights and advise we featured in the 'Living' post on January 01, 2010. What strikes me about Steve is that he, in concert with the Apple team [read Jony Ive] were able to make better versions of whatever existed. The net effect of their innovations and reinventions were a simpler, more personal user experience across all iDevices.

In Steve Jobs's personal life, it is worth noting that he managed to successfully do a most unusual thing in returning to Apple. It was a bold act, having witnessed a decade of decline for a company he had co-founded but whose leadership he had been denied.

Following are documentaries on Steve Jobs from which I have drawn the above insights:

Steve Jobs Documentary [Bloomberg Game Changers]

Steve Jobs: One Last Thing [PBS]


Steve Jobs: Billion Dollar Hippy [BBC 2]

Life sometimes presents us with a second chance. The second take is rare, but almost always presents a chance to improve. To learn from past mistakes. To avoid blunders. To add value. To right wrongs.

It is unfortunate however that some of us deny ourselves the chance to take advantage of a second chance thanks to fear, desperation and hopelessness.
Today in itself is yet another chance to do whatever it is that you often do. It is another take for you to do it better.

Each day is a new beginning.
Another chance to learn more about ourselves, and to care more about others.

Have a great weekend!


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