Monday, July 2, 2012

Changing the World. With Words.

Every once in a while, a moment of clarity happens.
It may necessitate a complete turn-around in one's practices, or simply affirm that one has been on the right path all along, in which case all that is needed is focus and more effort.

I have recently experienced a moment of clarity.

The details of such a moment and all that it entails are beyond the scope of this post.
I shall however be remiss in not putting on the record, my stated objective to change the world.
With my words.

There is no doubt that I shall realize my goal. No, it won't be easy. But I'll be unrelenting in my quest. For I refuse to live a limited life.

The above clip is from Steve Jobs: One Last Thing, a documentary that was originally aired on PBS.

That said, all the writing [of books, articles and related publications] will happen across the web. Timely updates will be available both on The Walkabout and on the Pete on Books site.

Join me as we continue to add value through reading and writing.
That will without a doubt change lives.


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