Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Posting Continues on The Walkabout

This is a quick update, regarding the future of The Walkabout.
The last post on this blog was in January 2013, and lack of posts since that day has in no way been an accident.

It so happens that I love blogging. This blog however, requires that the posts be well thought out, timely, and at least in my opinion, of value. In other words, I do not just post for the sake of having regular updates.

When I started posting on The Walkabout in 2009, I was driven by the need to share  my thoughts and experiences as I go about life's journey. This journey is inundated with insight, inspiration and self discovery.
For a journey that is yet to end, there is much to write about.

I have been fortunate to gain immensely from the writings of other people. Those written words which detail their thoughts and experiences, that outline their advice... those have in most instances shaped my opinion, changed my perspective in life, and have ultimately made me a much better person.

For that reason, it has always been my hope that posts on The Walkabout will be found worthwhile by my readers across the world. If even one post has a positive effect on s/he who reads it, then my work is done, and posting on The Walkabout is not in vain.

So much for this update, stand by for more regular posts on The Walkabout.
In the meantime, take a look at our Insight, Inspiration and Self Discovery archives.



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