Monday, May 13, 2013

Life after Pete

"The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit."
- Nelson Henderson.

Better and more frequent posts, thanks to you

I haven't posted on The Walkabout for a while. In fact, I at some point considered pulling down the entire blog and concentrating on other stuff such as writing books, my design business and farming related activities.
As I kept postponing the deletion of this blog, I realized that I often keep reading many of the posts I wrote back in the day. Some of these posts date back to as far as 2009, but their worth remains timeless and profound.

A case in point is this post about Gratitude, Generosity and Altruism, written back in July 2010. These are character traits that every person of good will can only aspire to. Admittedly, they remain ideals in my life, but I still try...*digression alert*

Anyways, I eventually decided NOT to shut down The Walkabout. It has insights that need not be obliterated, and my page views still show me that people visit the blog every now and then from diverse locations across the world. The Walkabout should continue existing for reasons much bigger than myself.
All in all, posting will indeed continue on the Walkabout and with your kind and generous support, we shall all continue to learn, share and grow on The Walkabout.

Beyond Pete

Lately, I have been thinking about what I'd love to outlive me.
Well, for many people, one's life is considered "not-wasted" when they leave offspring, regardless of how dysfunctional a family this might comprise. For others still, properties irrespective of how ill-gotten the wealth may have been, and political positions regardless of how bloody and damaging to others the rise to the top was... that is how badly modern society considers a "life well lived" to be.

For this reason, we praise rich criminals during their funerals, celebrate the misleading influence of powerful politicians and adore corrupt businessmen who routinely embezzle public funds.

I live on a small farm and right outside my house are about a dozen cypress trees which elicit everyone's admiration for the expensive, high quality timber they have. The trees were planted back in 1959 by my elder father (my father's elder brother) and it is I, my siblings and my first cousins who are now using them to address our construction needs.

Consequently, and in gratitude for these trees, I have been planting several hundred cypress trees on this farm, not with the intention of eventually benefiting from them, but those who come after me - be it my children, or otherwise. Future generations should find some trees to use just as I have.

In remembrance

The above example of trees is quite literal, but I now extend my argument to an area that has more impact, with a far-reaching, enduring influence.

My life is greatly shaped by what I read. Reading what I consider valuable for going beyond mere entertainment leaves me wiser, as I benefit from other people's experiences, the writer's opinion and their now-shared knowledge which is published for posterity.

After I am gone, I don't want to be remembered for all the wealth I had, or the kids I leave. I don't want mine to be a legacy of material things which will only benefit, maybe even damage a few. I want to leave a legacy of boundless influence that will continue to elicit debate, shape opinion and change perceptions. Something that will far outlive me and those around me, something that will continue to enlighten, entertain and edify for all time. I therefore purpose to hold open doors into a better life for others, and what better way than through my writing?

As a writer, it is my intention to leave a legacy of writing that adds value. Writing that makes you have an "AHA moment" or otherwise leaves you much better and wiser than when you started.
The book 'Counting Down the Days' will be globally available on Amazon on July 06, 2013. Afterwards, it is my stated objective to publish at least once every year, a book that explores the human condition.

In the meantime, we continue to share insight, inspiration and self discovery stories on The Walkabout.

Finally, someone has helpfully expounded our Nelson Henderson lead quote:
The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit. Be a tree, give fruits, flowers, shade to others without expecting anything from others. Whatever you want from others first you have to give that to others. Whatever you give to others, you will be given in return. If you give love, respect to others then surely you will be given love and respect from others. Thats why we should learn to give good things to others.
Have a great day guys!


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