Saturday, September 28, 2013

Adding Value to Information

NOTE: This post has been cross-posted on Pete on Books.

Today's post is largely an update, in readiness for some of the far-reaching changes in my writing that will take place in the fourth quarter of this year, with effect from October 01, 2013.
In essence, the changes are for the long term, which makes what you'll read next an expression of intent.

Learning and Sharing

Since 2009, The Walkabout has been a place where we learn, share and grow together. We have focused on insight, inspiration and self discovery. The posts on the blog have been tremendously useful to me, and to many others as well.

In short, we have been sharing valuable information.

Stated Objectives

With growth comes change.
Beginning next week, my writing, and indeed the business model that is now predicated on it, is all about adding value to information.

This I'll do through book authoring, blogging and publishing. Ultimately, I'll embrace more media viz: radio and television.

This renewed focus will be instrumental in the release of 'The Walkabout' book that has been inspired by the posts and the topical discussions that have ensued in the comments. All going well, the book will be out just before the end of 2013.

Ideas: Policy, Not Politics

Additionally, this next phase will involve the setting up of the Policy and Ideas blog.
Here, candid, topical discourse on issues that really matter and add value will be carried out. The solutions and ideas generated will eventually lead into action, since only action begets results.

So much for this update, let us meet again next week on The Walkabout, Pete on Books and the Policy and Ideas blogs.


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