Monday, January 13, 2014

It Takes Time

UPDATE: I started working on this post a fortnight ago and mistakenly clicked on publish before importing my finished draft, which I have since lost.
Fortunately, while reading this past weekend, I came across a post that says exactly what I intended to communicate.

* * * 

We live in a world of instant coffee, instant gratification, even drugs that allegedly have instant effects.
Is this the reason we are no longer keen on letting things grow organically. Are we now done with letting nature take its course?

In my time, I know of no good thing that happens instantly.

It irks me when people imagine someone like Floyd Mayweather makes millions in just minutes, without taking into account just how much time it has taken to train, work long hours, endure pain and practise unrelentingly. It takes that much to perfect his punches.

The same goes for every admirable achievement you see out there. There is much more that went into the formation of almost everything, regardless of the fact that you only suddenly noticed it happen.

In Gradually and then Suddenly, Seth Godin tells of how things don't happen suddenly. We only notice suddenly. Too bad we only focus on the 'suddenly' part, and thereby miss out on the 'gradually' part that we can actually do something about.

Take time. You may as well enjoy the journey, not just reaching your destination.


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