Wednesday, February 26, 2014

When the Deal is Too Good...

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Here's a sneak peek: Easy Come Easy Go (FREE PDF).

Other stories and articles in the 'When the Deal is Too Good' collection:
  • Quailmania - Too eager to make it big in agribusiness, Josephine gets caught up in the quagmire and intricacies of quick money and supply driven business. She learns her biggest and most costly lesson in this latest fad - quail farming, having fallen for it hook, line and sinker.

  • Knight in Shining Armor - A chance encounter with a self-proclaimed bad boy reveals another side of Lucy that totally shocks her. Ever the consummate prude, Lucy has always been wary of men and their machinations. She has stayed chaste for decades, and often wonders how girls get themselves pregnant. Upon meeting Fred however, she understands why you can never judge a book by its cover. How can this most enlightened and lovely knight in shining armor inflict so much pain?

  • 'Angel' Investors  - Nick finally meets a tycoon who is not only open to business, but to new ideas as well. After he all-too-willingly gives his ideas away for free and they are all implemented without Nick getting as much as a mention, he realizes that ideas are literally priceless, that being too open can be very costly.

  • Free Love... Not - Is there such a thing as free lunch? To many, genuine love and unconditional affection does exist. Others know better, and Prisca and Jim both find out the thing about love the hard way (no pun intended).

  • Hostile Takeover - Believe it or not, the mafia are not only the people who routinely make one an offer he cannot refuse. Onyango has been making millions importing electronics, and the allure of making billions easily and faster is irresistible. What does he stand to lose anyway? ... His entire business.

  • Nothing to Lose - Steve is not a fighter. He abhors violence. Until someone deliberately steps on him at the Kencom bus terminus. Eager to make the 'apologetic' tout an example to other inconsiderate fools, he quickly realizes that he is the inconsiderate fool with all to lose.

  • Pro-boner - Loise needs a good family lawyer. Her wealthy husband has dared her to take him to court and hopefully set precedence thanks to the new marriage laws in the new constitution. This being a landmark case akin to those in a John Grisham novel, she engages a lawyer who is only too willing to offer services at no cost to her. Can she handle Sam's hidden fees that are in all ways extraneous to his legal fees?

  • The Sound of Silence - Ruth deeply loves Leo.She keeps hoping that she won't have to one day regret having loved him. She has however uncovered something about Leo that invalidates all her love for him. Leo loves her too, but has only one foot in the door, thanks in part to once having listened to Patty Smyth and Don Henley singing that 'Love Just Ain't Enough.' Is Ruth's sudden silence loud enough for Leo to realize that she now wants out? Does she have the courage to let go and move on?

  • Greener Pastures - James recently got an amazing job offer. The pay is three times better and the working environment is just to die for. Soon enough, James and colleagues who were recently poached from a competing rival multinational realize, albeit too late and at great cost, that they are mere pawns in a bitter feud that often turns lethal. Are greener pastures worth dying for?

As always, it's always good to look before you leap. So here's a sneak peek into 'When the Deal is Too Good...':
Easy Come Easy Go (FREE PDF).

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