Monday, April 3, 2017

Learning to Blog Again

Oh boy! It's been many months since I last posted on The Walkabout. In fact, only two months shy of a complete year of absence.

But not to worry. A lot has happened while I've been away (the above photo points - if you excuse the pun - to one such thing). Much that is beyond the scope of this site.
What is important, however, is my return to blogging on The Walkabout.

You see, I have in recent times focused all my attention on the small farm that I reside on. I also have been writing some books and on occasion, doing some design work. And lots of research writing. And endless reading.
It is mainly due to time constraints that I opted to go on indefinite hiatus on all my blogs, even the newest and most exciting Lasting Impressions marketing blog.
But more on this one later.

So why have I decided to blog again, given that I still have serious time constraints? Why keep on writing posts on a blog I have several times in the past considered deleting and moving on?

The simple answer is that this blog is not my own. In other words, doing away with The Walkabout would be like giving up something that does not belong to me alone. To better understand the thinking behind this, take a look at Wilglory Tanjong's response [PDF] to Malcolm Gladwell's Revisionist History episode 9 (Generous Orthodoxy).
Much as I do not agree with her entirely, I do concur on the parallel that The Walkabout is very much a joint effort, because this journey of insight, inspiration and self discovery cannot be possible without interacting with other people, and reading, listening or watching stuff written by others.

Speaking of interacting with others, I have recently been on chat with and even met on March 18, a person who got to read a good number of the posts on here. The question I always get to answer is "Why aren't you writing anymore?"
There are many answers to this, one of which is many a time getting discouraged by the fact that I often fall short of living a life consistent with many of the things I write on the blog. Not that this blog is a the-way-to-live-right-manual, but this is something I call living the life of a signpost and will address that in a post later this week or some time else soon.

It is true I am a man with many faults and character flaws. We all are. My only redeeming grace would be that I can, like the man in the arena, enjoy the journey as well and not just the destination. And in any case, it is mostly never too late to set things right. After all, we are always in repair. Not together, but getting there.
It is for this reason too, that I felt I need to keep writing. There are stories that need telling, life experiences that need to be shared and insights we need to learn from.

So all in all, I shall try to do at least a post every week.
And to accommodate this, and in line with some recent changes at Complit Communications, it has become necessary to retire the Complit Design site, do regular posting on Lasting Impressions and prepare for a Connect Magazine return to publishing in coming months.

Over at Lasting Impressions, this week's post is: From Remarkably Bland to Remarkable Brand.

* * *

I was watching Kurt Angle's induction to the WWE Hall of Fame just last week. After his speech, begins his celebration by singing his favorite songs. And looking back, I recalled Adam "Edge" Copeland's induction back in 2012. 'Walk' by Foo Fighters was his song. It is one of my top favorites. And today, no song can better describe this return to blogging.

And here is some trivia: On Edge's first ever match, Edge tragically ended the career of Jose Estrada. Edge's debut was Jose's Closing Time. So yes, some beginnings come from other beginning's ends.
It is now time for me to learn to blog again. I have waited long enough... so where else do I begin than right here, and right now?


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