Wednesday, October 7, 2020

The Danger in the Familiar



On July 31, 2020, Netflix announced that Money Heist has been renewed for a fifth and final part/season. Money Heist is a massively popular TV show that recently won Best Drama award at the Emmy Awards.


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I was recently reading some interesting articles about why we are so fascinated by true crime. part of this obsession is that deep down, we are voyeurs and hedonists.

But surprisingly, true crime also offers a space for empathy and understanding.And whilst everyone individually draws his or her line as to what is acceptable interest in these crime stories, few if any entirely opt out of engaging with this fascination.

Read more on the BBC and NPR web sites.

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The most obvious thing you'll note about any premeditated crime is the detailed knowledge that the perpetrators have of their victims or crime scenes. This is very well depicted in Money Heist.

Without getting into so much detail, this can be equally applied in human relations. Very few people are actually harmed by strangers. As unfortunate as it is, we note that a majority of kids are molested by people who are very well known to them. At times, relatives and close family members.

Malicious damage to property or to one's self or well-being will usually be done by someone a person has closely interacted with. A person that is familiar.

The reason is that in familiar places, situations or with familiar people, we let down our guard. We feel at ease, get comfortable and throw caution to the wind. We relax. We trust. We assume and overlook. We believe sans scrutiny.

Whilst it should be noted that this observation isn't based on any solid research, methinks there is a danger that often lurks in the familiar.

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I'm yet to read 'Talking to Strangers' by Malcolm Gladwell. But this recent post about strangers on The Walkabout still holds water. In any case, we say in Swahili: "Kikulacho ki nguoni mwako." 

So what to do, when you come across a beautiful stranger?


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