Saturday, October 10, 2020

We did not ask for this

Today's post is short and sweet. Straight from the heart, and straight to the point. And yes, we are going waaaaaaay back!

It is from the final episode of the Hulu miniseries 11.22.63, based on the 2011 novel by Stephen King.


* * *

Ms Sadie Dunhill, who was school librarian back in 1963 delivers a speech, most of which is a poem by then School Principal, Dick Simmons.

This is what she says:

We never know which lives we influence or when or why, but I am so very grateful to be part of yours.
You older Jodie grads who are here tonight... you might remember Dick Simmons. And some of you may recall that little poem that he loved, that he kept copies on his desk that he can handle them out to troublesome students. Or, to students that were troubled.

Well, this was the poem:

"We did not ask, for this room, or this music.
We were invited in.
Therefore, because the dark surrounds us,
Let us turn our faces to the light.
Let us endure hardship to be grateful for plenty
We have been given pain, to be astounded by joy.
We have been given life, to deny death.
We did not ask for this room, or this music.
But because we are here, let us dance."

* * *

I remember watching The New Guy more than a decade ago. Those were the same years we couldn't get enough of 'Play' by Jennifer Lopez, 'I Dance' by Lenny LeBlanc or 'Let it Whip' by the Dazz Band. All said and done, play the funky music!









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